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Tendonitis Resource Center

Tendonitis is a common sporting injury and several types of the condition are named after a sport, such as tennis elbow and runners knee. However, only around 10% of cases regarding tendonitis occur as a result of playing sports or exercising; the vast majority of cases of tendonitis occur amongst the workforce.

Pain and inflammation are the main tendonitis symptoms which are usually successfully treated with conservative measures. Prevention of tendonitis is a matter of stretching and strengthening the joints before work or activity.

TendonitisRx.com is a resource to help individuals that may be suffering from tendonitis, tennis elbow, runner knee or any form of this painful injury. On this site you will find current information from the causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment of tendonitis and other joint issues.

Common Types of Tendonitis

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is a form of elbow tendonitis that involves inflammation of the tendon on the outside of the elbow joint. This tendon is attached to muscles on the front of the forearm which are responsible for wrist movement.

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Golfers Elbow

Golfers elbow is a form of elbow tendonitis that involves the tendon the inner side of the elbow. This tendon attaches muscles of the forearm which actually move the wrist rather than the elbow. Both joints need to be immobilized for treatment to be effective.

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Runners Knee

Although the name suggests that only runners are prone to this condition, anyone who uses their knees consistently in their work or recreation is at risk of getting runner's knee. It can be treated with conservative methods and usually heals completely by itself.

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Tendonitis Braces

A tendonitis brace is a device that is used to support and immobilize the affected joint. Some braces are used as an aid to treatment and others are designed to be worn to prevent tendonitis. Scientific evidence is unclear as to the advantages of wearing a tendonitis brace and so caution needs to be taken when considering their use.

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Bursitis vs Tendonitis

Bursitis and tendonitis are two different conditions although there are certain similarities. This is why they are often misdiagnosed as each other. The actual diagnosis is not necessarily a problem, though, as both conditions are treated the same way. Prevention strategies of both bursitis and tendonitis are also similar.

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